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Benefits and Savings include but not limited to the following:
Points Of Interest ATM Processing
Credit Card Processing
Energy Savings (Electic, Gas and Solar Energy)
Insurance (Health, Work Comp, Auto and Business)
Book Keeping, Accounting
Attorney Services
Alarm Monitoring
Pest Control
Floor Maintenance, Waxing and Cleaning
Uniform and Mats Services
Cash Registers
HVAC, Refrigration Repair Service
Rubbish Removal Service
Printing Services, Advertising and Direct Mail
General Grocery
Food Service (Meats, Cheeses, etc...)
Food Service Supplies
Phone Cards
Ice Cream
Soda, Juice, etc...
Bakery, Food Service
Members Agreement
Doing business as Metro West Business Owners Savings Association 

METRO WEST OWNER SAVINGS ASSOCIATION, INC. (hereinafter “MWBOSA”), of 69 Pond Street, Ashland, Massachusetts 01721;


The MEMBER subscribed below, (hereinafter "MEMBER"),

in consideration of the mutual promise exchanged herein, agree as follows:

1. MWBOSA agrees to use its best efforts to obtain marketing and discount agreements with suppliers of convenience store merchandise at special reduced prices for MWBOSA members.

2. The terms of this Agreement shall be from January 1 to December 31 from year to year and shall automatically renew unless MWBOSA is notified in writing of non-renewal by November 30 of each year.

3. MEMBER agrees to make payments to vendors under this Agreement on the terms negotiated by MWBOSA. MWBOSA will inform MEMBER of any special terms or discounts available to MEMBER.

4. MEMBER and MWBOSA agree that this Agreement may be terminated for failure to comply with vendor terms as agreed by MWBOSA, for non-payment of annual dues or for other just cause.

5. Any member may be removed for cause after two(2) notices of non-compliance with rules and regulations of MWBOSA or failure to resolve payment disputes with MWBOSA suppliers and /or vendors.

6. This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the Massachusetts Law.

7. The parties acknowledge that this agreement does not create any agency or employment agreement between parties.