who we are

Metro West Business Owners Savings AssociationThe decision for Massachusetts convenience store owners to band together was a simple one. Rising prices and competition from big businesses were threatening to eliminate them from the marketplace. Chain stores and franchises were able to sell their inventory at much lower prices due to discounts and other retail opportunities available to them. In many cases, their retail prices were lower than the wholesale prices charged to the independent convenience stores.

In order to face these challenges, survive and become profitable while providing their valued customers with the best prices for their purchases, the convenience store owners knew it was necessary to unite.

They formed the Metro West Business Owners Savings Association (MWBOSA) in January, 2009. By banning together ‘on paper’ while maintaining their individual status, they gained buying power, commanding valuable discounts for goods and services and becoming eligible to participate in aggressive promotional retail programs.

Since its beginnings, MWBOSA’s membership has grown to include independent convenience store owners throughout Massachusetts and the New England area.

By joining MWBOSA, its members are no longer threatened to be eliminated from the marketplace by larger retail businesses. By paying much lower prices for their goods and services, they are able to pass on this savings advantage to their customers as well. That gives them a competitive edge in today’s rough market conditions.

There is strength in numbers, and the Metro West Business Owners Savings Association has proven it by successfully realizing its motto:

“Minimizing Costs. Maximizing Profits.”